Monday, April 18, 2011

youre so vain

as promised, the post i mentioned friday while running at the rec center. i run facing a window where i can watch the leaves grow on a tree, and traffic drive by on 12th ave, and also watch my reflection as i run. my "trouble spots", the places i would like to trim a little of me off of, dont show up in that reflection. its really more of a shadow silhouette than a reflection, because its on a window, not a mirror. i quite like watching myself run. that sounds completely ridiculous. i have gained a different perspective on myself. i LIKE what i see in my reflection. thats a big deal.

so when our rec center pass expires in just a couple weeks (we decided the money would be better spent elsewhere this year), i will greatly miss watching myself run in that window. its become one of my new favorite places.

while running friday, i also noticed a change in my clothes. my favorite running clothes right now are a pair of cropped black leggings (even though i am a firm believer in Leggings Arent Pants), my hot pink champion sports bra, and a black and white racer back top i bought at old navy a couple years ago. i just bought the leggings this fall, around september i think. they are tummy toning, so they sit high and were pretty snug when i bought them, but should fit a size 10 approximately. anyways, as i was getting to the end of my run, i could feel the seat wrinkle a little. the butt of my leggings is getting too loose. im sure i can run in them for another month or two, but after that, i think they will be too loose to stay up and in place for a long run! ill have to get another pair! (this really isnt a bad thing, because right now i wear them both for running, and as my leggings with dresses. i can still wear them with my dresses, it will be okay for them to be a little more loose then.)

fridays run: 4 miles 50:33 min

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