Monday, April 11, 2011

some running

saturday i got changed and drove to the gym to find it was closing in five minutes. so i came back home and ran around the neighborhood for just 1 mile. that mile felt so long, and so slow, and as if my legs had been dipped in a slow drying plaster. when i got home we brainstormed a few things that might help, and what might be causing the blah.

sunday after church i headed to the rec again. katie had mentioned that she tried out the intervals and felt like the run went better than before, so i decided to do a 1 and 2 minute interval. 1 minute at 5.2 miles an hour, then 2 at 6 miles per hour. i finished 2 miles in 22 minutes 13 seconds, and it really didnt feel very difficult. i have not run at a 10 minute mile pace for that long before, so that felt really good. then i did 10 minutes on the elliptical just to mix it up a little. when i got outside, the weather had changed to beautiful, so i ran the 0.56 mile loop around the rec center before going home. at home i tossed the car keys to the front door and headed around the neighborhood and did the .75 mile loop.

when i first started running around the rec center i knew what was hurting my knees. its impact. the change from treadmill to asphalt was clearly what caused the pain. but, as i get used to running out doors more, that should lessen. so even though that half mile hurt, it was also good to know that the pain will go away after i get used to it. (i reminded myself that i couldnt run on a treadmill a few months ago, and now its super easy, so it will just take some practice.) by the time i got home, i wanted to run. i think 4 miles really is the distance i need to go to start to like running (2 miles on the treadmill, 0.9 on the elliptical, and .56 on the track outside the rec is 3.46 miles). the .75 miles around the neighborhood felt much easier. my knees felt better, and so did my attitude.

so, i plan to run tomorrow night again, hopefully around 5 miles but it will depend on how much time i have. im not sure if i will try to keep a pace, or do some intervals, or split some outside and inside running or what, but i know i need to go a longer distance because i have been hanging out at 3 miles too long since my last long run.

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