Tuesday, April 12, 2011

lots of excuses

i didnt do 5 miles. before i list my excuses, let me say, i plan to do it tomorrow.

i walked the kids to the park and back (1.75 miles) this morning. it was fine.
i went to the gym tonight and (ignore my lack of caffeine and headache and bad attitude) decided to walk. so i walked till i felt like running. then i did a little running, but every time i ran the channel changed on the tv. it went from biggest looser to something on cbs that was crime related. not encouraging me to run. then my knee started to ache and i called it quite at 2.5 miles.

my first step down the stairs i turned my ankle. i was holding the hand rail (which i never do) so i didnt fall, but both ankles went weak and i limped the rest of the way home.

tomorrow i will make and drink my morning coffee, i will take my ibuprofen with dinner, and i will go for my 5 miles. promise.


  1. You are doing better than me! I can barely waddle my 30min x a week around the block. ;)

  2. Hang in there! We all have bad days. Keep pushing forward! :)