Friday, July 23, 2010

doing the math

3500 calories burned is one pound burned. i calculated my BMR, and got 1700 calories that my body burns in order to function. well, i eat 12-1300 each day, so that leaves only 500 burned. but then im nursing, so i can add in another 500 burned. then add in working out, this week i averaged 500 calories working out (because i took 2 days at only 30 minutes.) that gives me 1500 calories burned every day and 10500 per week, for a 3 pound weight loss each week. so theres the math of my working out.

last night i wanted to get back to my hour at the gym, i left home a little closer to 8, so that helped, and george decided to be good until i was on my way home (thank god.) so i got in a good workout
70 minutes 6.19 miles 721 calories.
thats six 11 minute 18 second miles. i am pretty proud of that. i wish i could do it just running, but for some reason i am quicker on the elliptical than just on my feet.

its friday, jasons going for a run after he gets home from work tonight, and then i can go to the gym. i think i want to push for an even longer work out tonight, maybe 90 minutes. i know what it takes to loose the weight, and i have some really high hopes of having a good weight loss before i see dr anstine for my mirena check august 18. (yes, i am looking forward to going to the doctor and being weighed.) its good motivation, and a short term goal.

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