Tuesday, April 19, 2011

i should be sleeping. ill pay for it tomorrow.

but i wanted to get this in before i forgot for three or four days which seems to be my new trend.

last night jason and i took the kids and the dog for a 4 mile run. it was interrupted by a stop at the park for emma to take three slides, then a second stop at home to pick up a sweater for her. but it was nice to take everyone out together and jason and i both got in our runs.

today i did a short run, 15 minutes to the park and back (ish, i took a different route than usual) but had too much energy this evening so i went back to the gym at 9 and did half hour on the elliptical. (2.5 miles) so now im feeling nice and tired, and i should have been in bed an hour ago. (jason up doing homework, so ive been reading the internet. but im finished now. hes not.)

we will see what tomorrows numbers are. im okay with whatever it is. its been a good run filled week.

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