Monday, April 4, 2011

what are YOU inspired by?

i ran tonight. like, actually ran. i walked my first two minutes to get my legs moving, then finished 3 miles in 36.27 minutes. i was so stiff the whole time, but it really felt great.

i have 7 songs in my play list that i listen to while running, and every one of them (for different reasons) makes me want to be better. but seven songs is NOT ENOUGH. it is not enough for 3 miles, and definitely not enough for 13. so let me have them, what song(s) move you?

i forgot to mention (and i cant believe i forgot) i received no less than 7 compliments on sunday. and another two that jason received on my behalf. i had such a hard time getting dressed on sunday because i have no dress pants that fit, and my dresses (almost all of them i have made) are TOO BIG. i ended up with one thats almost 4 inches too wide at the waist and belted it. i put on so many different outfits before getting in the shower that the water ran cold before i got in! i was frustrated and settled on an outfit and was blown away with compliments. i NEEDED that encouragement and THANK YOU!!! again if you were one of those compliments. seriously. i needed it. and i appreciate it.


  1. I listen to hip-hop and dance. I know it's daggy but I love it (secretly) and it makes me really move my feet. I like M.I.A. (especially her album Kala), Bloc Party, Sneaky Sound System, Presets, Cut Copy, stuff like that. On iTunes you can go down the bottom and there's a little link of "people who bought this album also liked..." and I find a lot of similar music that way!

  2. For me, it depends on my mood. I go back and forth between harder alternative and hip hop. But, with running I need something with a good beat. I like Superchick, Paramore, Rihanna, Black Eyed Peas, Flyleaf, and other random artists. I have more KJ52 and Grits or others that I can send to you over skype.

  3. Oh! And yea for the compliments!!! :)

  4. My work out mix has a lot of Black Eyed Peas on it... but I've found that I can move really well to any music that I love, even if it's not really peppy - like Adele... I <3 Adele, and I can move pretty well to her. Oh, a new fav. song is by Florence & the Machine... called Dog Days Are Over. It says "no turning fast for your mother, fast for your for your children, for your sisters and your brothers" I get an extra kick out of songs that actually use the word "run" when urging me on. :)