Sunday, April 3, 2011

5 miles

my battery is running low, so this will be quick. i bought the music, it was worth all 594 pennies i paid. fantastic. now i just need to find three times that much more. :)

i taped my feet and went to the gym with the ipod this afternoon and chose the treadmill at the back of the track all alone. it was perfect. i turned the volume way way up and really enjoyed myself.

5 miles 65 minutes 534 calories.

i beat my 3.5 mile time by a minute and a half, and my 4 mile time by 3.5 minutes. i think 4 miles is the distance i need to get to in order to start enjoying the run again. and for the half, that puts me a third of the way through it, so its a good distance.

today felt really good. hope i still feel this good in the morning. :)

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