Monday, April 18, 2011

feeling the burn

both kinds.

i bought wrist/ankle weights today while picking up a new car seat for emma (im giving hers to george, and got one for her that will convert to a belt adjusting booster when she grows. blah blah blah back to the point.) so these are the ones i chose i wore them for a little while this afternoon and while i wouldnt call them comfortable (worlds bulkiest bracelets?) they are not uncomfortable, and i think will work just fine. i am excited to see if they help me build some more muscle in my arms (something i STILL havent started working on.)

and the other kind of burn.
(i apologize for the foggy mirror, i had turned on the shower and got emma in while i finished gathering our clothes and thought i should take a picture of the seasons first burn.)

it was a beautiful day yesterday and i need practice running outdoors so i put on my favorite running clothes and decided to go the three miles around our "block". (from the corner of greenhurst and midland, west to middleton, north to iowa, east to midland, and south to greenhurst again.) but when i got close to our neighborhood i decided not to be finished yet and ran another mile around the neighborhood track. (there is a loop at the end of our street that is a quarter mile around, and it is a quarter mile to the loop and back from our house. so, there, three loops and back equals one mile. its pretty handy.) i am proud of myself for RUNNING the whole 4+ a little miles. 48:20 minutes

and, my reward is the sunburn. first one this year, im sure ill get some more because the road is my new treadmill.

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