Friday, April 22, 2011

new shoes, a long run, and my reflection

i think i mentioned that we have decided not to renew our rec center pass when it expires may 8. we could just use the money elsewhere right now (like to help cover having the old house empty. our renters moved out yesterday.) but, we compromised and decided new shoes would be good use of some of that money since i would now be running only on pavement.

i went to idaho running co and got fitted for a pair of shoes. i wish i could remember the name of the girl who helped me, she was fantastic. (sweet to the kiddos too, it felt easy to have them there, and shopping with both kids is never easy.) i came home with these shoes:

i really like them. they are nice and light, and feel good on my feet. well, except that after i put them on in the afternoon and walked around the house in them i noticed my toes rubbing the end. they were just a little too small after being on my feet all morning. i was so bummed. it was 330pm and i decided to drive back into boise and see if i could size up. i planned a 7 mile run and really wanted to do it in a pair of new running shoes. so i got back to Shu's and they didnt have a 9.5 in that shoe. so i tried on a couple more pairs and went with these ones:

(i feel like i should add, that is clearly a stock photo, not one i took of my shoes. but thats just what they look like.)

i ran in them last night at the gym. they are just fine. not fantastic, but comfortable, and i went 7 miles in them. i love their color, i just wish i knew if i liked them better than the others that i chose first. a hundred dollars is a lot to pay for a pair of shoes and i want to make the best choice, not just a good choice. so, im trying not to think about that, and just enjoy running in them for a few weeks before i decide.

enough about the shoes. i ran 7 miles (in 90 minutes)! well, i did some run/walk the last 3.5 miles, but my running was all at 12 minute mile or faster, and i was tired, but not a puddle when i finished. a bit bored though. i need four or five more songs to get through that long without repeating. im proud of myself, and thats what counts.
i also stopped and took a picture of my reflection i talked about last time. i took it after the 7 miles, just as a reminder that i did it.


  1. WOW! Look at the HOT runner!!!! You are great! Way to go!!!! And I really like the shoes you ended up with! :)

  2. Awesome :)

    I love the shoes you ended up with! Pearl Izumi is a great brand, too! Joel loves their biking gear.