Wednesday, April 6, 2011

how much is too much

ibuprofen and aleve? im stiff and sore and my knees ache. i will myself through the achy knees thinking katie has it SO much worse, im sure. and if she can do it, so can i. but i am ready to be used to this running already. guess this is what i get for doing so much elliptical and so little weight bearing exercise.

i did 3 miles again tonight in 34 minutes 49 seconds. thats 11 minutes 36 seconds per mile, and a great time.

oh, also, its wednesday. i am down one pound, 164 even.

1 comment:

  1. Great time! Keep going. Your body will get use to it! It's the good muscle pain, it means you are getting stronger! :)

    And you can overdose on Aleve. I have done it before. Be careful with ibuprofen. If you take it too much you wont feel it any more. It does nothing for pain for me now. It does still help get my swelling down. So, be careful to not keep taking it.