Thursday, April 14, 2011


i ran a 10k last night in 77:46. i had to remind myself often that my goal was completion, not speed. that i wanted to run as much as i could, not as fast as i could.

i still need new socks, and probably new shoes.

under arm chafing of my bingo wings does not make running sexy. i mean, i feel pretty fantastic after a good run, but when my flabby/loose skin gets a rash from rubbing on my shirt/side of my boob, i do not feel so hot. literally.

point: 10k, completed. longest run yet. minus bingo wing irritation, i could have continued. for a little while anyways.


  1. Wrist weight tone at the same time. I loved mine. They make you more tired faster, but my arms are lots better now. :)

  2. thanks girls! and i bought a set of wrist weights today. so we will see how that goes. :)