Wednesday, July 28, 2010

wednesday weight

i was not looking forward to this morning on saturday. on saturday i was up from last weeks weight and feeling a little down. i decided to just push through, and trust that what i was doing was working, and it has paid off again! last wednesday, july 21 i weighed 208 pounds. today, july 28 i weigh 204.6! thats 3.4 pounds lost this week, and a total of 8.8 so far! i am excited, and encouraged, and celebrating with a bagel and fake cream cheese for breakfast. :)

i think one of the reasons i was feeling low this weekend was that i was putting all the pressure on my evening workouts. this week i went back to a few minutes of yoga in the morning (even just ten minutes) and pulling weeds or folding laundry, something else to get me standing and moving during the day. so today since its nice a cool out im going to walk the kids to the park after breakfast. :)

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