Wednesday, July 21, 2010

day 7 and wednesday weight

i had my 6 week check with dr anstine yesterday (at closer to 7 weeks) and everything looks good. and we had our birth control chat, but this time i had already decided what i wanted to do. i have enjoyed using the pill before, but because i dont want the responsibility of taking a pill every day for the next two to four years (untill jason finishes school) the reliability of the mirena really appeals to me. after we talked about it for a couple minutes, she said she could put it in right then if id like, so we did! i now have an iud. :) but, the cramping afterward put me into a really cranky mood. (that, and itunes not working properly) so i was talking myself out of going to work out. but at 845 i finally decided to just go, and hope i would feel better. and i did! i rewarded my hard work and consistency this week with a short workout, only 30 minutes and it lifted my mood immensely.

30 minutes 2.28 miles 340 calories

and it is wednesday! am i excited? why yes, yes i am. :) i didnt record last wednesdays weight, but i know what it was, so ill just tell you. my scale does tenths of a pound (kind of, it only does even numbers after the decimal, so its really fifths) so thats what im keeping track in. last wednesday july 14 i weighted 213.4 pounds. and today, july 21, i weigh 208! seven days of determination and i am down 5.4 pounds. i am SO excited. when i think of pounds lost, i always think of the size and feel of a box of nucoa. i remember when i was little i learned that those boxes were 1 pound. thats 5 boxes of nucoa thats no longer on my body. oh man. and, even better, i am 5 pounds closer to my goal. only 60 more.

i can do this!

and i leave you with a song. this is PFR or Pray For Rain, a very old christian rock band that i just love. and with the ipod jenn sent me now tucked into my work out purse i got to listen to them at the gym last night. this song makes me think of how i felt when jason wanted to marry me. he loved me so much that he wanted everyone to know it, he wanted to give me his name. well, God loves me too, and i can choose to wear his name too. (but wearing someones name also makes me a representative of them to others. people know i am jasons wife, or andies daughter in law, or katies sister because of my new name. my actions can reflect positively or negatively on them too. same goes for wearing Christ's name.) anyway, its one of my favorites. :)

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