Friday, July 16, 2010

day 3

wednesday i did get to the gym, around 8pm. my second favorite elliptical was open and i had a great work out. i was 6 weeks (minus a day) postpartum and it felt so good to be working out under air conditioning again. ahhh. i felt good about my 42 minutes, 3.2 miles, and 475 calories, but then remembered its wasnt the first time ive done anything physical since george was born. i have been mowing the lawn and pulling weeds, and taking the occasional slow walk with emma. so i should have expected to do well! :)

yesterday i went shopping for essentials that i havent purchased in years, some comfy new (smaller) undies, a couple pairs of new socks, and 2 new bras. my favorite and most comfortable bras i found at target when i was 6 weeks pregnant with emma and suddenly became a D cup, but then they disappeared! and since then the under-wire in one is broken and the other is getting a little stretched from so much wear. i have bought others, but i just dont love them as much. so i got two new ones in burgundy and dark heather gray and i love them! and also a new pair of shoes. they are off white flats and just adorable.

in exchange for the purchase of new things, i decided i MUST go through my dresser drawer and my closet and GET RID OF THINGS. i have a bag that i have tossed a few things into, and a bin of "to small but im not ready to part with" clothes and i decided it was just time to do it. i kept my size 14/12/10 bottoms, so i will have steps down as i need them, but shirts and dresses that are too small are all gone. i will never be smaller than a D cup again, i have come to terms with that, so my favorite long sleeve button downs, and my hand made sundresses are all going to donation. i also pulled out all of my maternity jeans and tops and i have a big overflowing garbage bag full of those.

today im going to finish sorting through it all so that tomorrow i can take them away. today i have to go through shoes too. ugh. but i KNOW i will feel better knowing just what clothes i have, and knowing what clothes i get to wear when i get down a size. i had shirts that i remember getting ten years ago still in that bin. i dont need them!

anyway, after some sorting and emmas nap, we took a walk to jesse and sarahs to drop off a couple pairs of shoes that i got for jesse jay for his birthday. its a nice walk, just over a mile each way, but i wore the wrong shoes and now have blisters on the balls of my feet.

today is day 3, and i am cleaning and organizing, and taking out trash, and then i will go workout again. im tired, but i feel good. i am down two pounds since wednesday. i was 213 on wednesday and thats the day i plan to record my weight each week, but it was nice to see a change when i stepped up this morning. my goal is to loose 65. i can do it.

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