Sunday, July 18, 2010

day 5

jason kept the kiddos while they were both awake this afternoon. :) i had an hour and a half at the gym alone and it was glorious. though, i wasnt real thrilled about working out. the novelty is wearing off. im reminding myself a few things though, and as long as i keep reminding myself these things, i think i will make it.

life is a choice. more specifically, my choice. and i can change that choice whenever i want. today i chose to go workout, and on the way home, i chose to sing loud with the windows down and smile. both choices felt great. :)

i am created in the image of God. i want to be the best representation of him that i can, and with that as my goal i have a constant incentive to continue towards my goal.

im not who i was. (cue song)

and there is NOTHING wrong with that. i miss her, but i can be a BETTER version of her. im going make one change starting now, smiling more. people used to tell me that i was always smiling, and they loved that.

so im home from a great workout, emma ran to the door and hugged me, george wants me (because hes hungry, but ill over look that), and jason told me i am cute before i could even say hello. so im smiling. and sweaty.

60 minutes 4.5 miles 667 calories on the elliptical and 18 minutes 1 mile 87 calories on the treadmill

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