Thursday, July 22, 2010

tired and more tired

im starting to want a break. working out daily had made me so much sleepier at night, but george isnt going to bed any earlier. and the last two nights my shower has been after he goes to sleep rather than before. i actually went back to sleep for 45 minutes this morning after i fed george and got up with my 830 alarm. and i missed my hours of quiet in the morning.

last night i met heidi and katie for coffee, then drove home with george fusing the whole way because he was hungry. i put emma straight to bed and fed george then had dinner, at 8pm. thats too too late to eat dinner and get in a decent workout. and its the second day ive had a late meal and tried to squeeze in at least half hour at the gym before they close at ten. but i went, and got in my 30 minutes before some late night grocery shopping.

1.75 mile walk to the park and back (about 15 minutes each way)
30 minutes 2.31 miles 338 calories at the gym.

this morning im really thinking of taking today off. maybe mowing the lawn instead? or maybe i should do some yoga while the kids nap this afternoon and then ill feel more willing to go. or maybe ill take a nap while they nap and then ill feel more willing to go.

jasons working later this week (thats why dinner was so late last night) and he needs to be home so i can leave the kids with him to go. maybe we will just have to work around that for a couple of days and then things can get back on track. i think that nap sounds like a good idea.

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