Tuesday, July 27, 2010

more radical change

so besides the weight, i have also been trying to implement what i learned reading the 5 love languages that heidi let me borrow. jasons are words of affirmation, and acts of service. mine are acts of service, and physical touch (only by 1 point) and the other three were all tied. i think i pretty much need them all, but really appreciate when someone does something for me. anyways, its not about me. i am trying to show my love to people in ways that im not always the best at. because i am a little shy, or timid is probably a better description, its hard for me to give thanks to people when they have done something or said something that made a difference to me.

so today, feeling a little emotional, and just grateful, i sent off a few emails to jasons gram and to my friend rachel. i have really really missed having parents around to keep the kids this time around. i feel much more tied down to the house than i ever did when emma was tiny. but i remember how willing jasons grandma has been to keep her for me, and she even kept both emma and jesse for me. its a relief knowing she will watch them, and that even though shes got things of her own to do, shes always willing and almost always able to help me out. and on sunday, rachel gave me a compliment. with working out and changing my body and my attitude being so high on my list of priorities right now, that compliment meant a lot to me. i raved to jason about it the whole way home in the car. but i dont remember telling her thank you. so i send her a note today too, to let her know that her encouragement really meant a lot to me.

i want people to know that i appreciate them, even though i feel like im not very good at expressing it.

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