Wednesday, February 23, 2011

the ups and downs and ups and

i am having a hard week. i say having, because i dont think its quite over yet. our family has been plagued by illness this week even more than the last two months. emma and george had a virus causing runny stuffy noses and cough, then georges turned into rsv and he also got an ear infection. saturday jason came down with full blown flu (he started not feeling well last wednesday) and i went in to be checked again and have another sinus infection. we are all tired and run down, and generally exhausted.

also this week i have experienced my first cycle on the mirena. i have endured all the hormonal changes of being a girl without the mess. ive been teary, short tempered, constantly hungry for chocolate (hello home made peanut butter cups), hungrier in general, and worst of all are the crampy aches and pains.

i have not been to the gym, i have not taken a walk, i have not made good food choices and i have not felt good. i know changing the first three would change the last one, but i havent done it. im worn out.

last week i weighed 166.8, and this morning i still weigh 166.8 pounds. no change.
this weekend we are driving home for a friends wedding, which means fast food on the road friday and sunday. i know there are hard times, but i have been sick for 8 weeks now. im just exhausted.

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