Tuesday, February 1, 2011

25 pounds by the 25th

this is the goal. loose 25 pounds by april 25th (my 26th birthday). that is 2 pounds a week, absolutely doable. its what i NEED to do in order to accomplish my goal of 65 pounds. and just so happens to coincide perfectly with a weight loss challenge that started with jasons company today and ends on the 26th of april. he has decided to join me with a goal of 25 pounds. today, katie also agreed to join in.

i am excited!

i talked to katie about a couple changes we both need to make that will really help, and i already feel obligated to stick to it. i just did twenty minutes of some easy yoga to get stretched out and get my lungs used to taking deep breaths again before i head back to the gym tonight. i promised to post a work out for tonight after our chat. (and jasons run, too.)

this will require dedicated diet changes. no treats for a while. at least, not until i get my regular meals back on track. i am looking forward to seeing our numbers drop in the next 12 weeks!

1 comment:

  1. I am so proud of you! You are so close now and I love how you are always focused on the goal. I am still trying NOT to gain weight (does that count? :) I don't think so) but I'll be walking every night and cheering the three of you on :)