Monday, February 7, 2011

im bored.

i am loosing interest in working out. the elliptical is getting boring. i did 15 minutes upstairs, then was already so bored i quit to do 15 minutes of yoga. at least i have the first 15 minutes of my yoga video memorized. trouble is, its not nearly as effective at burning calories as the elliptical. im bored and i need to get over it.


  1. Can you run or is it too icy? I find a run usually snaps me out of a slump.

  2. its a little too cold for a run outside (by the time i would get to do it especially.) but i could use the tredmill. i was talking to jason about it last night, a run usually helps me too. im a little gun shy about it because the last few times i have gone, ive got blisters in the weirdest place on my feet within the first mile or two.

    guh. might be worth it at this point. maybe i have some mole skin around here to help prevent it...

  3. I prefer treadies because ellipticals make my feet go numb. I have no idea why, they just bore me to tears. I get my trainers on for a good solid run though and with some bloc party in my ears, I can go for miiiilessssss :)