Wednesday, February 9, 2011

ten weeks left!

i am getting close to the "end" of my goal. im not sure how i feel about that yet. but its getting closer, and i needed to say that.

last week i made it into the 160s. it was a wonderful shock. my weights over this week have not been full of joy and surprise. this morning i weigh 168.6 pounds, a loss of 0.6 pounds this week. first, i am glad to have lost weight, i dont have the time left to deal with gains. but, i felt good this week about my choices and im disappointed in their results. this says to me that i need to put in more gym time to make it. some serious gym time.

march is getting closer, the weather will get warmer, and i can do more walking and jogging with the double stroller around the neighborhood and to the park. but until that is possible i NEED to peel myself off the couch, push myself into the car, and drag my uninterested self to the gym several times a week for some long (40 minute plus) workouts. im not looking forward to this, but its just how its going to have to be.

i will take any advice for some veggie filled high fiber low calorie meals, out of the rut workouts, motivational words to focus on, and general happy thoughts.

edit: something i cant believe i forgot to mention, at 168, i have only 20 pounds left. i am now one of those people who wishes they could lose "just 20 pounds or so." that is a good feeling, because ive already done that twice over. i can do it again.

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