Friday, February 4, 2011

its just a head cold!

i am still sick. (one day, soon i hope, i will be able to write a post without that disclaimer.) but, its just a head cold! i should be well again in just a week! for reals this time! and because its just a head cold and i am obligated to my two fellow 25ers, i went to the gym.

about the gym. i just realized that i havent written about this yet, and it is a very important part of this whole process, so i really need to mention that leggings arent pants. they just arent. but i am confident enough to wear them as such to the gym. and i have, every time ive gone in the last month. i leave the house wearing spandex pants and go to a very public place. what a great feeling. anyway, now its out there. leggings arent pants and i wear them as such anyways. but only to the gym. (a gate way outing im sure.)

40 minutes 3.45 miles 440 calories

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