Wednesday, February 16, 2011

missing updates, a new size

i have been posting back and forth with katie, and missing a few here.

i shopped on saturday, so that was the extent of my exercise. lots and lots of walking with the kids. after jason got home sunday afternoon we took the double stroller to the park for a half hour of play with emma. the round trip is 1.75 miles.

monday night i started feeling sicker again. ive not been well yet, but i have felt a bit better for a day or two here and there. i felt okay on the weekend, just a little runny nose. but now i have full blown cold symptoms again. and both kids are runny nosed and coughing. jason was home in time last night for me to go to the gym, but every time i stood up i got dizzy (the sinus congestion does that to me, wish i knew why) so i stayed home. he should be home in time tonight, and i am going to load up on the decongestants and anti histamines and nasal steroids and water and vitamins and plan to work out tonight.

and its wednesday. last week i weighed 168.6 and this morning i weigh 166.8 pounds for a loss of 1.8 pounds. fantastic. not quite 2, but as close as i could get, and in a poor week to boot. 18.8 pounds to go. when i first started in july, that seemed like a lot. but ive already lost 46.6 pounds. another 18? i can do that.

there was something relevant and very exciting that happened while i was shopping this weekend. my size 8 jeans from walmart were feeling a little loose, so while at old navy i checked their clearance rack for any size 6s. i found two pairs of corduroy jeans, one in bright mustard and one in a plummy burgundy. i tried on, and bought the burgundy. they fit.

(excuse the weird photo. i stood on a chair/ the side of the tub in order to get in the light without it flashing on the mirror. it was 630 this morning, and still dark out so i had to be creative. :)

and while at walmart i also picked up another pair of their jeans in a size 6. (i love my levis, but for 12$, i really like walmarts faded glory brand jeans. they fit so well, which is a big deal to me, after having such a struggle growing up trying to find jeans that fit my hips. i can remember going to five or six stores with my mom, trying on pants just to find one pair that fit.) but my point is, i wear a size 6! comfortably! i have said this several times before, but i cant remember a time in my life when i have worn a size 6 before. ever.

also, i tried on my red dickies again this weekend. they fit well through the leg, better than when i last wore them, but the tummy is still too snug. that stretched out baby tummy i have going on is the difference in fit from when i last wore them. but, i am hoping those last 18 pounds will take care of some more of that.


  1. Congratulations on the new pant size! You are Awesome!!!

  2. AHHHHHH!!!!! SO JEALOUS! And so so SO proud!!! You're a hot bucket of muffins!