Wednesday, March 2, 2011


166.6 pounds.

i thought for sure i gained weight. i composed in my head in advance what i was going to say about all the garbage i ate (and absolutely enjoyed every bite of) this weekend while on our trip and how i could have made better choices even in the fast food restaurants we chose, but didnt, and how sitting in a car for 24 hours out of 72 does not burn many calories... then i got on the scale this morning and saw that i lost 0.2 pounds. grace. that little, tiny, smallest-amount-my-scale-will-measure number is a little but of grace from God. i am now 4 pounds behind for 25/25th, but i didnt gain weight the week after i lost no weight. its been rough.

i went grocery shopping yesterday and stocked up on a few basic foods that i was eating every day before i got out of the habit i had created. i have yogurt, some honey nut os, bananas, whole wheat pasta, double fiber bread, and steamable bag veggies to last for a little more than a week. its boring, but this will be a week of mostly vegetarian meals that all look pretty much the same. fewer healthier options are the best way for me to curb my calories and stay within my limits. so thats the plan. three days in im doing pretty well.

about the gym, i dont remember the last time i went. our schedule has been packed, hectic, unreliable. jason knows this and tried to make time last night, but didnt realize he has already overbooked me with commitments. so we are trying again. my goal is three days this week. and i need to leave the house for those workouts. i work harder at the gym than i do upstairs, and i need a large number next week.

ill be back soon to log a workout. promise.

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