Friday, February 11, 2011

getting out of my funk

jasons gone to mens retreat. well, he is probably just leaving the church parking lot, but hes gone from here. im excited, and bummed.

but, because he was off work today, i went to the gym before he went to the church. the elipticals were full, but there was a treadmill empty so i hopped on. i did 16 minutes 1.17 miles and 130 calories. i walked a lap, then jogged (i was at a 5, but jogging. that used to be running for me.) then upped to a 6.2 and ran. still not sprinting, but i ran. i felt like i could carry that pace too. (a good feeling. its around a 10 minute mile.) but at the end of this cold my sinus' drain and i cannot work out that hard for very long. so i slowed to a nice fast walk till my 15 mintues were up and moved on to the eliptical.
(because i am aware of the calories burned, it bugs me to not burn as many on a treadmill. i know in the long run, switching it up is better because then more muscles are worked and my body doesnt get in a rut, but thats hard to convince myself of sometimes.)
on the elliptical, i felt really good. the warm up run really made a difference. i did 24 minutes 2.07 miles 265 calories. i got a little nauseous at the end (sinuses) but otherwise could have gone longer. i havent felt like that in a while.

so, im feeling better about my workouts. now its just wait and see how i feel with jason gone all weekend.

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