Wednesday, January 18, 2012

a whole week in one post

i have clearly been busy. or just distracted.

monday jason was off work, i convinced him to use a rec pass even though he cant swim. we put georgie in the play center for the first time and just hung out together. i ended up with 30 minutes on the eliptical, 4 miles on the bike, and a half mile jog.

tuesday was the first day of classes. jason came home in time for me to go straight to the gym. i actually wanted to run. (that hasnt happened for a while. a long while.) i did 3 miles on the track in 33 minutes. i can tell its been a while since i ran, but it felt good and i enjoyed my work out so thats a win all around.

this morning, snow provided my work out. i spent 20 minutes shoveling the driveway clear before it started to melt in time to refreeze on a layer of ice. fun, but a lot of work.

and its wednesday. this morning i weigh 161.4 pounds. a LOSS of 2 pounds this week. thats pretty encouraging.

more tomorrow on how bible study is going. i enjoy it, but dont speak up often. thats just me. i do have some things to say though, so im going to chat about it a bit here.

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