Sunday, January 1, 2012

the end and the beginning

to wrap up the year nicely, jason stayed home with the kids so that i could spend some last day of the year time at the gym. i did 4o minutes and 3.75 miles on the elliptical while reading grandpas book. i wish grandma had finished it before he died, because there are several things id like to ask him about. but, maybe thats why it wasnt. but that is a whole different story.

and now, its 2012. i smooched jason and we said our happy januarys to one another at 12 while the neighbors lit fireworks. i was determined that this year would have a good start, and i think so was he, we both made time at the gym during naps. i did 40 minutes, 3.75 miles (almost finished with the book now) and he did a mini tri to get in all 5 possible points for today. he came home in such a good mood, with a plan to use one rec center pass each weekend this month.

i make resolutions. i give up things for lent. i tell people about them, and i stay accountable. but, i tend to make then whenever the thought crosses my mind. works out well for me that i figured out a new plan just last week so that i can call it a new years' resolution. so here it is:

in this brand new year i have just a few goals and a calendar. i used to LOVE my calendar. i had a large desk calendar each year with all the important dates transferred from one to the next, appointments, classes, trips, everything. now my life is different and so is my calendar.

this one will have SCHEDULED workouts when i KNOW i will have time made for the gym. this will largely be made possible by jason working around the time i need, and using the day care for georgie while emma is at school (on days i dont have the boys) when i dont have another option.

also, meal planning and less grocery shopping. i tried it out last week, making a list of five or six meals that would provide leftovers and could be made from things i already had on hand, and i have SO enjoyed being able to just pick something off the list to make for the day. now, when i run out of things on the list, or a grocery staple like milk, flour, eggs, i will write a new list and go grocery shopping. im not sure how often i will need to go, because i dont know how long each list will take me. jason will sometimes be home for dinner, and sometimes be packing both lunch and dinner for school. i have a good start on frozen dinners for him after making two crock pot dinners of green enchilada soup and beef stew and because we ate just those two all week, i still have most of my list available.

im not sure that makes any sense at all. my point: i will make a list on the week end days of my large calendar of dinners. when i run out of dinners, i will begin a new list on the next available weekend day. i plan to grocery shop without children in the evenings or on the weekend. this should make evenings in our house much more manageable as i transition to single parenthood for 16 weeks. and once i have a spouse again, it will be nice to have an answer to "what are you making for dinner?"

and finally, i want to READ MORE books. i MISS reading. i havent made time for it, i havent purchased books, i just havent. but im going to. so, add to my list! what should i be reading?

good bye 2011, you were an interesting year. my first half marathon, my first time being sued, my first time wearing my red dickies since jason and i met 6 years and 2 children earlier. a whole year of healthy choices for our whole family.

2012, i have high expectations for you. you will be the last year jason is in school, and personally, i cant wait until youre over.


  1. Good Goals!!!!! I think you are making a lot of great healthy choices. :)