Friday, January 6, 2012

its january, that means im sick.

wednesday morning and afternoon i worked on tidying up the sewing room for my soon arriving company. i came down stairs around 2 or 3 for lunch and noticed i had a temperature. everything went down hill pretty quickly after that.

i spent the evening under layers on the couch, then a restless night waking every hour or so and up from 2-5am browsing the wonders of the early morning internet. thursday was worse. higher temp (hovering just over 102 despite constant medication and lots of fluids) and it was work to make sandwiches and change diapers. emma ran wild. georgie tolerated his crib an hour longer than usual after nap (he always has a little alone play after nap, i think its good for him to learn to keep himself entertained.)

jason came home an hour early so that i could go to the doctor. nothing definite, but odds are sinus infection, possible strep, could be flu. we couldnt get my prescription filled last night because the walmart pharmacy was running so far behind.

another feverish night (and another set of sheets to wash, i hate sleeping with fevers) and i saw my throat has now broken into lots of white spots. so, looks like sinus infection and strep wins for the magic makes-sarah-misserable combination. ten days of antibiotics and i should be back to myself. but, im contagious for 24 hours, so no gym today, and possibly not tomorrow as well. i was off to such a great start too.

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  1. oh my gosh, rest, get quiet, and feel better soon.