Wednesday, January 4, 2012

a run and the sauna

new years resolutions are in full swing at the rec center. it was PACKED last night. i was glad to have just charged my ipod so i could snag my old favorite treadmill on the outside edges of the track and stare at my reflection in the window while i ran.

(also, good for people watching, because i could see everyone as the rounded the corner and ran towards me.) i did 3.25 miles (with a cool down) in 43 minutes and enjoyed the run. i think thats what ill do tonight too. after my run i went down to the sauna for a few minutes and oh have i missed the WARMTH! i took my book in with me (even though jason said that was weird) and didnt get it soaked with sweat (ew) because i was careful how i held it. so yeah, a good night at the gym last night.

i admit, i was a little anxious about weighing this morning. ive put in a lot of work this week, but i havent been as watchful about my eating. the food has been good food, ive just had more than i need. this morning i weigh 163 pounds. thats down one more pound from last week. ill take it. also, my smallest size jeans fit again. so im feeling MUCH better about the situation.


  1. well, now i see why boys were looking so much when they passed by. :) keep up the hard work!

  2. You look hot in your workout gear!