Thursday, January 19, 2012

tonight i had a bunny

i set up to do my three miles around the track at the rec again tonight, and as i rounded to first corner and passed a few walkers i found another runner. a hispanic man, late fifties, holding a 9:45 pace. i considered passing him, but decided to hang back and i am so glad i did! he was my bunny tonight. i chased him for an extra half mile before i slowed to walk because i had so much fun. i wanted to thank him for pacing me, but in the next 4 laps i didnt see him. i thought maybe he had peeled off when i was on the other side. but i caught him! just shy of 3 miles i caught up to him walking and took a deep breath to get up some nerve.

you guys know, im not a fan of strangers. or even non strangers. i talk to close friends. im just a bit timid. but i pulled out my ear bud and said excuse me. i was greeted with a thick accent. i hope he understood. i told him i had been following him, and thanked him for keeping a pace, that because of him i was able to run a little farther than i have in a while. he grinned and said something about its okay, and just have fun! im so glad i caught up to him again.

i also finished my three miles six seconds faster than i did on tuesday. i ended with 3.5 miles on the track and 7:30 on the stair machine for a full five points tonight. i wanted to make jason proud.

i had a good time at the gym tonight, and i have a bunny to thank for it.

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