Tuesday, July 31, 2012

july miles and a new race, or two.

the last week has been a hard one. but, i managed some miles.

wednesday, 2 miles
thursday, 2.75 on the treadmill, 5 in boise with jason
friday, 2 miles on the treadmill (while watching the opening ceremonies)
saturday, 3 miles (up and down the run trail at jasons race)
sunday, off. i havent taken an off day for more than a week. it was nice.
monday, 4 miles with jason. he came home earlier so that we could run together. its hot out still, but was nice to hang out for a while.

and today is the last day of july. feels weird for july to be over. but- its been a long month. i have put in 86.55 miles so far this month. and whatever i do today. thats a big month.

august is my last month to run as i please without a long run requirement before i officially begin training for another race. two races actually.  i plan to run the new years eve and new years day (thats last years webpage) half marathons with brazen racing while we are in california for christmas. i had such a good time racing with them last august that when i started thinking about a new goal it just made sense to check out what they had to offer in the next few months. i proposed the idea to jason, it took him about two minutes to say he was in.  in september i start running longer (and hopefully outside) to prepare.

its nice to have a new goal to shoot for, and mentally, i am glad to have the extra time to get used to the idea.

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