Thursday, July 12, 2012

HIIT/ speedwork

i am trying some new running techniques out on my treadmill. yesterday i did a warm up 11-12 minute mile, then .25 mile intervals of sprinting and walking/easy running for two more miles.  then after i picked emma up from school and had the kids eating dinner i did two more miles at a 10 minute pace with .25 mile intervals of 7:30-8 minute pace. 

i have an irrational fear of turning up the speed on the treadmill.  i know exactly how fast it is, and my brain says "but you cant run that fast" and it just freaks me out a bit.  it felt really good to be able to see a difference even in the same day of easy running at a faster pace, and less fear when i turned up the speed. 

i finished up with a total of 5.25 miles for yesterday.

on an unrelated note- where are all the cute bermuda length compression shorts?  do they exist?  i want some.  i get that black matches everything, and its slimming, and blah blah blah. thats why i have three pairs of black leggings.  i want cute shorts!

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