Tuesday, July 24, 2012

20 miles last week

way behind on posting work outs, so heres a weeks worth of catching up.

tuesday july 17, 3.5 miles as .25 mile warm up, 3 miles @ 11:30 pace, .25 mile cool down

wednesday july 18, 3.5 miles as 10 min warm up, 8x1 hill repeats @ 4-6% incline, 8-10 minute pace, finish with strides and cool down 49:33

thursday/friday off

saturday july 21 1 mile walk, 3 mile run, 3 mile walk in boise with jason and the kids.  two days off was too many before a long run and combined with the heat i just wasnt ready.

sunday july 22, 2 mile walk late in the evening because i needed to get it in.

monday july 23,  2 miles as 400 at tempo, 200 rest, then 2.25 easy miles to finish
i found when i finished this one that the speed work is helping.  i felt like it was easier to run a faster pace for those last two miles than it would have been last week. also, a .25 mile rest in those last 2.25 i used for walking while doing some upper body weights. 

tuesday july 24, i FINALLY got out my jillian, shred it with weights dvd. (which amazon tells me i purchased june 8 of last year. thanks amazon, i didnt really want to know exactally how long ive not been using it.) i substituted a 5 pound dumbell for the kettlebell and still really enjoyed it.  im sure a heavier kettlebell would have caused me to sweat more, but for now, im just glad i finally opened the dvd.  its quick, challenging to my brain (how am i supposed to do that?) and weights! i may run some more tonight. probably. so thats how the week has been.

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