Thursday, July 26, 2012


tuesday july 24, add two more miles. 

wednesday- vomit in my bed is just not the way i like to start a day. (and a whole day later, im washing my 5th load of sheets that have been peed on by the vomiter. im exhausted.) i did weigh, and i weighed 168.4 pounds. thats a 0.4 pound gain last week, and puts me at 1/2/21.  im behind.

(*aside: i am considering that this, while in the appropriate bmi, may not be the most acurate of long term goal weights for me. with that in mind, i do still have extra weight that i put back on, so i plan to continue with my goal, and just see where it takes me. im not off the hook to stay where i am, but i will not feel let down if i am short at the end as long as ive put in the work.)
after an eventful day, and a pampered chef party with friends, i put in two miles walking on the treadmill last night.

wednesday july 25, 2 miles.

today has been just as much and sometimes more exhausting and i still having put in any time. i want to curl up and sleep. i want to scream out of frustration. i am just so done. but the day isnt over, and ill get it in.

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