Saturday, April 21, 2012

sun shine and a vitamin d burn

i spent this beautiful day in the sun. more sun that a freckled girl should see.  i will be suffering from a vitamin d burn for the next several days. but oh how i love that vitamin d. soak it up.

i did 4 hours of squats kneeling in the yard over the flower bed not upright or resting on my heals.  my bum is killing me. i trimmed, weeded, dug, planted and watered the heck out of the front and it looks marginally better.  oh well.

jason came home early enough for dinner (YAY!) so we got to use our new (thank you steve and rachel!) grill for the first time. its so great. it gets hot! and then cooks your food in a timely manner!  the wonders of a bbq that is younger than i am.

after the full day of yard work, and water play for the kids, we took them for a bedtime stroll around the neighborhood a couple times.  at least two miles.  im counting that all as 5 points for today.  what a great day its been.

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