Friday, April 20, 2012

one week of good choices

i decided silently last night to dedicate myself to one week of good choices.  (good, not just better than i have been doing.) so im deciding out loud today.

i did the math again, and found my bmr to be roughly 1600 calories.  that means that by eating 3 meals of 400 calories each im hitting 1200 and cutting 400 each day.  without extra exercise (which i actually feel more ready to do when im eating well, not the point though) i should see a loss of almost a pound.  add in exercise, for example, the five miles i walked with the kids to preschool and around the neighborhood this morning, and i will see a greater change.  im shooting for 3-5 points a day this week, its supposed to be super nice out, and that makes it much easier to just walk around the neighborhood with the kids.  3 laps, 3 points.  doable.

so with all that in mind, im shooting for a loss of about two pounds this week.  ive been loading up on the salt the last three days, so really, lots of what ill loose will be the water im retaining, but thats important too. 

i also talked to jason last night about setting up a regular time for me to go work out.  its in the plan for may, when we get back from vacation. 

ahhh, vacation.  we leave for california three weeks from today. three weeks! then this semester will be just a rough patch we struggled though, not the constant stress it is on our every thought now.  three weeks from today.

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