Wednesday, April 25, 2012

in real life, you still have birthdays.

in real life, you have to work on your birthday. (i am 20.5 hours into this week, and its only 9am on wednesday.) you also have to do chores. (dishes are running, laundry folding will happen when the thunder hits this afternoon and i can no longer be outside.) and you have to weigh in. im at 171 pounds this morning.  i did well skipping the second diner between nine and ten pm, and eating a good breakfast, but lunch gets the short end when it comes to nutrition.  i had nachos twice yesterday.  its beautiful outside and i havent set aside time to plan out a good meal.

the upside to all of this?  its my birthday. and on my birthday i try to do something nice for someone else. im looking to fix a pair of pants for one of jasons coworkers, and id like to figure out a gift for someone but im just not sure about what yet. also, The Semester (tm) ends in just two and a half weeks. and by that i mean that we will be in california in 17 days, and alone at disneyland in 19.

we are pretending to celebrate my birthday on saturday, we will walk through the farmers market and have lunch from the bowl of soup fundraiser for a local potter who was pulled into his mixer earlier this year.  (breaks my heart.  a man who supports his family through his art was crushed by a piece of his machinery and the community he sells to has come together to help support him.  how could i not buy a bowl of soup?  lots of thanks to the potters who have thrown bowls and the restaurants who are donating the soup.  i hope the fundraiser has a big impact on this family. )

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