Tuesday, April 3, 2012

getting up to date

ive been putting this off since the 21st of march, and if i dont write it right now, im sure ill continue to think about doing it "later." whenever that is. so here goes. 

march 21 i weighed 168 pounds. thats back up from the week before, and after several really long days, i just didnt want to think about it. so i didnt write it down. (next time, i will just write it down. and by next time, i mean in the morning.) i also took the kids out for a mile walk. 

march 22 mile and a half walk 

march 23 3 miles with jason at a slow jogging pace 

march 26 3 more miles 

march 27 1 mile 

march 28 1 mile and i still weighed 168 pounds. 

this week has not been as active, and i dont expect my weight to change much. right now im working on my attitude, and looking forward to may, when i will have the luxury of choosing my own time to run. or whatever else i want to do for exercise.

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