Friday, April 6, 2012

the new shoes

i used my shu's groupon while mom was in town over spring break to go pick up new running shoes.  my shoes from last year are still fine, ive got another 100 miles or so on them.  but new shoes are cheerful, good for training, and i would need them at the end of the summer anyways.  too bad mine are purple.

Brooks Pure Connect
i have worn them for several mile walks around the neighborhood and took them out for a first run on wednesday.  the weather held (! yes !) so georgie and i could run to pick up emma from school.  it was a good run, though the way home was tough.
 i did an out and back to preschool instead of a loop and the hills, headwind, 60 pounds of kids just killed me.  it was faster to walk several of the hills than to try to run them. 

but so far, i like the new shoes.  the merrell dash glove was my other favorite, and im really still not sure which one i liked better.  next year maybe ill go with the merrell.

Merrell Dash Glove

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