Tuesday, August 2, 2011

whiney whine complainy pants

i went for a run this evening. i walked out to the loop, then ran a mile and a quarter from there. i checked my time when i got back to the loop again: 12:28. thats 10 minute mile pace. i was pretty shocked.

my leg feels fine, though my knee is pretty achy from being off the cement for almost 2 weeks. (as in, i quit early because of the ache. boo. ouch. blah blah blah. i fel very much the baby because of this.) that should lessen with each run the same as it did when i first got out of the gym. but besides that, i ran pretty fast, considering my time off and that i tried to take it easy and keep it at a jog for this first run.

im wrapped tonight and will try another slightly longer run tomorrow, inching my way back into it for this race.

25 days.

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