Thursday, August 4, 2011

running injured part 2

i didnt post last night because i was too bummed to write anything less than completely depressing. so heres the whole story.

yesterday morning i stepped on the scale and weighed 154.6 pounds, a loss of 1 pound. good. then followed a long day with minimal napping and maximum hysterical crying from both children. jason came home late because he went into work late (same story this morning) and at 815 last night i left for what should have been an easy 2 mile run.

should have been. i walked several minutes to get my legs moving, then started out on an easy jog. a quarter mile in i was stiff, but fine. three quarters in i was achy. at the end of a mile and a half i could have sat down and cried. i ran at a 10:30 pace, but the whole time i felt like i was running in glue. my feet were just stuck to the ground. and i hurt. my calf felt like a giant knot and i could feel a limp in my stride. i walked out the last half mile and went home to sulk.

we are three weeks out from this race, and if i cant make it 2 miles at what feels like an easy pace, how am i ever going to make it 13? good question, right? after a nights rest i think i have a plan. it has several parts. i am going to get new insoles for my shoes that have more instep support to help with over pronation. that is one of the big causes for calf strain. also, i am going to rely heavily on my jillian dvd and possibly my last 3 rec center passes for some elliptical work to keep my endurance up. (with the rec, i can mimic a long run by going in the morning for an hour or so, then going back in the evening for a second long work out.) as far as the actual race goes, i think i will opt for some run/walk to get through the miles.

i am not the type of person who will push myself when injured enough to cause further injury. when it hurts and i should rest, i do. i am not happy about it. actually, im really pretty irritated about the whole situation, but i know its best in the long run to get my leg to heal so that i can enjoy running again.

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