Saturday, August 6, 2011


yesterday morning i did level two under great protest. it is so much harder first thing in the morning. after that was over the kids and i got together and headed to Shu's for some new insoles and laces for jason. i love the insoles. i think they are super comfortable, definitely more supportive, and pink to boot. now i just hope they will help the injury. we also got some laces for jasons shoes (that desperately need replaced) because his have broken three times now. (he really, really, really needs new shoes.)

we worked out a schedule for today that includes picking up our fruit basket, a morning and evening work out for me (between 8am and 7pm) and a full day of work for him. it involved working from home for a while while the kids were both awake, and i really appreciate that.

at 8:10 i got to the gym and put in 60 minutes on the elliptical. i sweat a lot. i managed 5.7 miles which is a 10 and a half minute mile. its a pretty good pace for the elliptical. i am stamped and going back this evening for a second long work out. im hoping to get in around 5:30 and stay till close at 7.

now i just hope this works. id love to be able to jog a bit of the race in a few weeks. (21 days)

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