Monday, August 22, 2011

race day is getting close!

i just received my race day information email. and a little bit of the jitters. everything is pretty much what i expected except the water station placement: Half Marathon: 1.55, 3, 6.55, 10.1, 11.45 thats three and a half miles between stops 4 and 5, at what i think is going to be the hardest part of the race. yikes.

i hadnt planned on carrying water, and i dont really want to pack it for 8 miles before i take my first drink, but i think i might. guh. i dont know.

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  1. Guess who is not planning on carrying water???!! :) Yeah, I figure if I did 11 miles without it, I will make it in between stations. I mean, I haven't carried water on a run yet. But, I know I am not a good influence in that way! :)

    I am getting the excited nervous feelings!!!!!!