Monday, August 22, 2011

im melting... melllltttinggggg....

4 miles in 45 minutes. well, kind of. i went out at just after 7 and did two, but it was WAY TOO HOT. at about 1.25 i really wanted to throw up, and that doesnt often happen to me on a run ever, let alone such a short one. it was just too too hot. i made it home in 24:30 and then went out again at 8:15 to finish up the 4 miles. i just started my timer where i left off, and finished in 45:06. those last two miles were so much better. i was less tired, in a better mood, more willing to continue running even though my miles were up... i need to remember, even though i want to get the run done earlier in the evening, i just cant do it in that kind of heat.

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  1. No worries, the race will be cool! Right on the Bay, we may even have some fog. :)