Saturday, March 19, 2011

its been two days now, and i still havent logged my workout. oops.

on thursday i asked jesse to keep the kids for me (because i knew jason had a late night ahead at work, i was feeling stressed, and we have busy weekends so i wanted to squeeze it in.) he was willing, and i went to the gym at 6pm. i dont have my phone close by, so ill have to edit the details later, but i did 30 minutes 2.something miles and 220ish calories. on the treadmill. i ran for the first 15 minutes, and it felt really good. i run funny, so my back aches afterward, but it is nice to be able to run. it takes a lot more effort than the elliptical does, because i have gotten used to the elliptical and can go pretty fast on it. i cant make the same time running. i am looking forward to running with the stroller again though. sunshine and pushing the kids to the park and back sounds really nice about now.

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  1. I feel the same way about the treadmill. I can do the elliptical, fast even. But the treadmill kicks my butt. I'm convinced my legs aren't screwed on right.