Monday, March 28, 2011

logging work outs

i have two work outs to log, one from last wednesday (eep. sorry thats so late. i thought i was forgetting something!) 20 minutes 1.78 miles 225 calories. after i finished on the elliptical i just wanted to run. so, i ran around the rec center parking lot, then drove home, and ran half mile around the block. it felt GOOD.

then tonight, i did 30 minutes 2.68 miles 336 calories at the gym and when i got home i ran again. i did three laps around the loop, which should total 1 mile with the home and back trip. i will check it though. but, i ran the whole thing. and i could have kept going. oh boy that felt nice. also, i did sit ups with jason tonight. 15 of them. i dont think id ever done sit ups before. it was actually kind of fun! (dont look at me like that.) so i think we will do that again, build some muscle where im burning all this fat. :)

it was a good night. (and potty training is going SO MUCH BETTER.)

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