Wednesday, March 9, 2011

i just remembered i didnt post. i have a 0.2 pound loss for this week. im disappointed.

edit: i threw that one liner up last night via my phone when i remembered i had not yet recorded my weight. it seems every wednesday post is also being tagged a struggle post this month. in three weeks, ive lost 0.4 pounds. so discouraging.

but i know how to fix it. (and this is possibly the most discouraging part. i KNOW what im doing wrong and in three weeks, have not made the change.) i know that i am eating too many calories. i have chosen food for their warmth and ease and not for caloric value. there MUST be middle ground.

so this morning i am making that change. i ate my yogurt in a bowl with strawberries and some kashi go lean granola. this is more food than ive been eating in the mornings, but thats a good thing. it will keep my fuller into lunch, and people who eat a good breakfast usually take in fewer calories throughout the rest of the day. (see, i told you i KNOW this stuff. iv just not been putting it into practice like i should.)

also, i wanted to record a last workout. i DID get in my three last week. i went tuesday night and put in 35 minutes 3.14 miles 400 calories. so the goal stands for this week. work out three days. and ill get back to you with how i do making right food choices.

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