Wednesday, March 16, 2011

wednesday and weights

i was grumpy grumpy last night. i went to the gym anyways, just to get away from the house for a while. i had planned to do some sprints on the treadmill but there werent any open, so i headed for my elliptical. i did a little bit of interval training, switching between an 8/8 to an 11/11 and back, then to a 6/9 for a while to try and use some different muscle groups. i hope it worked, i am a little stiff this morning.
36 minutes 3.26 miles 415 calories

this morning i did not dread weighing myself. i have been checking my weight every other day or so to not be surprised today, and to help stay on track. last week i weighed 166.4 pounds, and this morning i weigh 164 pounds. thats a 2.4 pound loss.

i still have 16 pounds to get to my goal of 148 by the 25th. thats a little more than 3 pounds a week. its doable, but i know that i might not make it. with our busy schedules, i know i might not have the time to get to the gym, and that every bite i eat will determine if i get there or not. it feels strange to be so close though.

another thing i have been thinking about, is that i really want to gain some more muscle. i know that would have helped a long time ago to loose more fat, but i just dont know what im doing. i think that i would really benefit from a short routine several days a week, and ive asked jason if on a saturday, or evening sometime we could leave the kids and he could show me around the weight room at the rec. i would like for that to happen soon, but im not sure it will. i might have better luck trying to schedule a personal trainer session, though i hate meeting new people that way. its all on the table though. thats the next step for staying skinny.


  1. Meeting new people is scary, especially toned and beautiful people! But you don't have to stick with them if you don't get along with them, and also, it pays to ask around if they have a trainer they know of who is good/friendly/not too scary.

    BUT I can tell you weights is amazing and you will look and feel like a different person. A run is just to make me loose and get my frustrations all worked out, but weights were the thing that made me the cutest I'd ever been before I got treatment for my thing. It is all "ow ow ow" the first few weeks and then it goes "hey, look at my amazing shoulders" and "are those really my thighs". So worth it. :)

    Also you are really pretty.

  2. when i think of weights, i just think of high school gym class and that dark weight room we were forced to do circuits in once a week. but, i do think i need to take the kids to the rec center day care and make an appointment with a personal trainer. jasons just swamped right now. i KNOW my body is changing (HELLO! im wearing my red dickies today!) but i also know that change will be more permanent with more muscle.

  3. Right, in the gym, where no one did anything, we just sat around and talked? :) That weight room wasn't much fun! :)

    PS The fact that you are wearing your dickies makes me so happy! I didn't tell you this but even though I gained weight (finally, it was bound to happen) my brand new maternity jeans do not fit. They are TOO LOOSE. I had to go carve up my skinny jeans into maternity jeans. And two people said I looked like I'd lost weight! :) So it has been a GREAT week for us :D