Tuesday, January 4, 2011

not my favorite january

i am feeling very low.

we got back from vacation monday morning early, and i am so congested/sore/coughing that i couldnt sleep once we got home. i spent 5 of the last 11 nights on the couch.

seriously? ive taken an hour break to deal with a diaper taking off 2 year old. 5 rounds of clean diaper, nap time, pee in it and take off clean diaper, sit on potty, begin again. SO FRUSTRATED.

i am ailing, sleep deprived, overwhelemed, GAINING WEIGHT (which i kind of expected, you know, those other things dont really help in that department) and over all run down.

diapers off again. im not sure i care. i mean, shes going to keep doing it. and if i dont go, she will pee in the bed, and i will have to wash sheets. but if that happens, she will also eventually nap and be happier and we can talk about the potty again then. as it stands, we arent getting anywhere. (ive even tried putting her hand in warm water. im not kidding.)

today is a struggle for me. a big big struggle.

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