Thursday, December 30, 2010

im on vacation

so wednesday weight is a day late.
(i said i wasnt even going to worry about it this week, so i guess good on me for putting it up at all. so there.)

yesterday morning (on larry and andies scale, so we are questioning accuracy and im loosing consistency, but again, boo) i weighed 174 pounds. im happy with that.

also, yesterday, i tried on, and purchased size 8 levis from khols. (i bought some 8s from walmart of levis, but their shoot of the brand tends to run big, so they are really closer to my tens. these are true 8s.) i am also happy with that!

happy new year guys. i am thrilled to enter 2011 weighing less than 175, wearing a size 8, and happy. its the best start to a new year ive had in a while.

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